4-H Risk Management Training

July 2017 - June 2018 Youth Training

Gardening with youth is a popular project area for many MGEVs and is one of Georgia’s MGEV Program priorities for educational projects. It is important that we are all familiar with UGA’s protocols for working with youth so that we continue to offer quality, safe programming and continue to enjoy the goodwill extended to and the outstanding reputation of UGA. These training materials update annually and will become quite familiar to us over time. The latest training materials are now available to you via an online video about working with youth (about 28 minutes in length) and  a 13-question online quiz that goes with it. All volunteers working with youth should complete the training prior to interaction with youth in the new 4-H program year (beginning August 1). All MGEVs need to complete the training, even if you just recently completed the 2016-17 training. Don't forget to record your training time as continuing education!