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What do current, active GA MGEVs need to know?

Well, there is a lot to keep tabs on! Georgia MGEVs are very active statewide!

Program Policies and Volunteerism Guide - How to stay Current


Hello! These are your running totals for the current year for volunteer hours, contacts, miles and training (continuing education and advanced training.)

Report My Hours

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Thoughtful Thursday Webinar Series

March 2019 | Spring Green-Up

On March 14, 2019, UGA Extension Turfgrass Specialist, Dr. Clint Waltz, discussed how to treat and maintain turf in the spring season. He also shared about automatic mowers! This was the second session of the 2019 Thoughtful Thursday webinar series.

March 2019 | Spring Green-Up

2109 sec.
Views: 113
March 2019 | Spring Green-Up

February 2019 | Natives and Invasives

1906 sec.
Views: 135
February 2019 | Natives and Invasives

MGEV Video Help

Watch these short videos which demonstrate various aspects of the new MGLOG system for MGEVs.

 Username/Password Recovery
Brief instructions about how to get started by recovering your temporary username and password.

 MGEV Section - The Nickel Tour
Take a 6 minute tour of the MGLOG system for MGEVs.

 MGEV Hours Report Form
Explains how to fill out and submit a volunteer hours report form and more.

 MGLOG Report Features
Describes and demonstrates the features and functions available with the reports in MGLOG.

 Watch all Videos
Go to YouTube and watch all 4 videos in this playlist.