County Annual Summary Report

The Annual Summary Report is generated at year's end and provides you with a summary of all MGEV activities for the year.

The report is an HTML page which can be exported and opened in Microsoft Word or as a PDF in a new browser window. Either process maintains the formatting and colors of the report.


  • Click the button, "Run Statewide Annual Summary Report"
  • Select the Year for the report
  • Select the county for the report and click "OK" (if you manage more than one otherwise just click "OK")
  • The report will open in a new browser tab or window
  • Click "MS WORD" to export to Microsoft Word. You will be prompted to download as Black and White or Full Color print format. Choosing Full color will maintain the formatting and colors of the report.
  • If you use the export to MS Word function, the page background may appear black with only the header image displaying. You need to change the page color to “none” and the contents will appear. To remove the page color, click Design > Page Color > No Color. We added the MS Word function so that Agents could use the report and add their own content to it.
  • Click "PDF" to export and open the report in a new browser window as a PDF which can then be downloaded or printed.

Run County Annual Summary Report