Using The Bulk Email Form

This form will send an HTML email message to selected groups in the County Selected. The email is sent to the Sender's address as the "TO" field and all the MGEV email addresses are included in the "BCC" field.

You may use filters to narrow the list of recipients to a certain Class Year, MG Status (MGEV, Trainee, Inactive, etc.) and/or Permissions (AuthLevel.) To send the email to ALL make sure all check boxes are checked and drop downs are set to "ALL."

The "Subject" line will always have as a prefix, "MGLOG - {County Name Selected} County - ", so you don't need to add that to your subject each time.

If the email was sent successfully, two dialog boxes will state so. The first confirms the email list was generated successfully and the second confirms the emails were sent and how many. If there are several hundred MGEVs in the groups selected, then sending them all might take up to an hour or more to send due to mail server volume restrictions. It's important NOT to close your browser while the mail is sending and until you receive either the confirmation messages or error messages. If you receive error messages, contact the State Admin's office through the Get Help form and attach a screen shot of the errors if possible.

When you've finished, you can either log out of your account or navigate to another page.