Admin Home Page

This is the homepage for a State Administrator.

The menu for the State Administrator is accessible by clicking the green menu icon above or using the menu items below.

Use the Get Help menu item for answers to common questions regarding using the system. Or send a query to Technical Support.

Statewide Annual Summary Report

The Annual Summary Report is generated at year's end and provides you with a summary of all MGEV activities for the year.

The report is in the form of a PDF (portable document format) and can be printed using your browser's PRINT function (usually accessible from the "File > Print" menu option.)


  • Click the button, "Run Statewide Annual Summary Report"
  • Select the Year for the report
  • The report will open in the window as a PDF (for slower internet connection speeds, please allow up to a minute or two for the report to become available)
  • Using the Print function of your browser, or in some cases, the PDF application itself, print a copy of the report

Run Statewide Annual Summary Report